You need to care more.  Yes, that’s right.  I said it.  The amount of concern that you have around helping, guiding, leading others to understand most things is sort of piss poor.  No, you don’t get a participation trophy like you did in AYSO just for putting on your soccer cleats and standing there.  Somewhere between childhood and adulthood the “accountability” gene got lost.  Or maybe it never got awakened.  Let’s go with that.

Realizing you have a problem is the first step to solving it.  Why is it that people just don’t care enough?  Care enough to have a voice and USE it?  Care enough to take the time to explain, direct or convey information for the pure sake of it benefiting others?  Why is this job left to so few of us?  Why do I care?  Why am I concerned? I guess I just got lucky.

I come to this mostly from a career in attempting to explain something that is complicated – healthcare – and make it simpler to understand.  Helping people know how to access doctors and hospitals.  Explaining complicated insurance rules so that they don’t receive ginormous bills that could financially ruin them.  Educating people on tools and resources available to them to help them with better mental health or losing those 20..40..60…pounds.

Now let’s put this into some sort of context.  This could really go anywhere because from my perspective, everyone is guilty of not caring enough.  What I am really talking about is showing that you care.  Of course we all internally care about things.  Typically those things that are personal by nature and inwardly rewarding.  We are human and human nature is selfish by design.  But when we outwardly demonstrate, show concern for something outside of ourselves, that makes caring an action, not just a thought.  Oooh, an action word – a verb!  

Most days I feel I have failed.  But I keep reminding myself that learning is a two way street.  There is the student AND the teacher and both must be engaged.  So how do I get people to Care about healthcare as much as I do?

On top of all of that, healthcare tends to be a subject that sits at the end of the line of concern.  However, I disagree.  Shouldn’t healthcare sit at the top?  When we are healthy, life is fuller, more joyful, more active, less worrisome.  When we are not concerned about our health, life is more sedentary, lonely, expensive and addictive.

So let’s start actively caring about healthcare.  Let’s take a few moments to think through what a doctor tells us and ask questions.  Don’t give 5 stars to an experience that was awful simply because it takes less time to mark the highest settings because you will have to “type something” if you mark it a 2 or 3 (you know who you are..).  Just start with you.  You don’t need to be part of a movement or protest in your downtown City Hall.  Just be more curious and ask questions and don’t settle for mediocre.  We don’t settle for mediocre for most things – why is the case for healthcare?

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