Are we in a scary version of Giliad?


Strange New World

by Leslie Slay

ver the last few weeks, many of us felt like it was a strange new world.  As a woman, the reverse decision of the United States Supreme Court on Roe vs. Wade was gut punching.  What a pitiful insult – by the highest court in our great land. As a woman, I now do not have a right to full reproductive healthcare and be able to make decisions about my health and my future.  In fact, if I even Google the word “abortion”, I might be jailed and or fined in some states.  This is shocking.

The United States of America is no longer that.  It is no longer united.  We should just change our name.  We are now a scary version of Giliad, the futuristic idea that Margaret Atwood shared with us in her book, “The Handmaid’s Tale”.  I read that book when I was a younger girl.  I remember thinking then that I was so glad that I lived in the United States of America because Margaret’s fictional version of the future could never happen here.  Whew!  Was I naive and oh so wrong.

Paulette Wooten

The good ‘ole USA now seems like perverse groups of extremists.  Those on the far sides of every issue imaginable.  We scoff and make fun of other countries and their extreme factions of people.  Groups with deep rooted beliefs in religion or in a political idea.  However, we have turned into exactly those that we make fun of.  The right in this country is no longer the Republican Party that I grew up with and the face of Ronald Regan – who was about less government and lower taxes. (He wasn’t perfect and I’m not supporting his entire agenda!- so please don’t send me your political views) It is a group of people that remind me of the Klu Klux Klan although these actors/politicians aren’t afraid to show their faces (what size robe does Ted Cruz wear?).  If we don’t subscribe to what is referred to as the moralistic beliefs of this group, then people will be punished.  I find it ironic that the Republican Party refers to itself as the moral majority.  Since when do the words politics and moral belong in the same sentence?  Let’s be real.  Not all Republicans are like this nor are all Democrats living in this amusement park called  “Extreme World”.  However if you are watching the news in the US – oh yes they are.

In all fairness in bashing both sides, the Democratic Party is what I call “the everything and the kitchen sink” party.  It’s trying to be soo socialistic in its proposed agenda that nothing gets done.  We can’t tackle the economy, Russia, global warming, access to healthcare, the revision of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, infrastructure, etc., all at the same time.  Whatever happened to the old checklist?  You know, let’s deal with one thing, check it off the list and move onto the next.  Prioritizing I believe is what it’s called.  Oh and I do think there should be term limits on Senate seats.  When some of the leading democratic Senators are suffering from dementia, they need to go.  

What happened to the three branches of the government that were supposed to “check themselves”?  For sure that has disintegrated and we know that with certainty with what we all saw go on with President Trump.  Whether you watch CNN or Fox News, we all know that some weird shit went on that was draconian and not how our founding fathers intended the government to work.  Trump tried to make himself King.  In the midst of revolution, which is what it feels like in this country is in (if not actually,we are literally), Kings typically don’t do so well.  Czar Nicolas for example…

Recent polls suggest that over 50% of people in this country do not agree with the Supreme Court overturning Roe vs. Wade and women across this land should have equal access to safe reproductive healthcare, even if that means terminating a pregnancy.  Just yesterday in Kansas – of all places- the measure on the ballot to have Kansas amend state laws to remove protection of abortion rights got voted down.  Are you listening out there?

How do a small group calling themselves the moral majority command that much power?  I mean shit, we went to war with England over a tax on tea.  Taking away personal rights from women and we know that other groups are next in line – seems to me a reason to bear arms.  I mean at least we still have the right to do that!  History does indeed repeat itself because we refuse to learn.  Time to leave America and move to Canada – like in The Handmaid’s Tale. Bagged milk and Lays Ketchup Chips are things I could probably get used to.

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