Sometimes I wake up in the morning scared.  Scared of being cancelled.  You know, the fairly new phenomenon of having someone find out something about you that you did or said a very long time ago.  And now, in today’s world, whatever you did or said is frowned upon – so now you are canceled.  You should be removed from this planet earth, you worthless human.  God, where are we going?

I’m sort of a history nerd.  I love the movie Pride and Prejudice for example.  Not because of the eloquent writing or the wrenching love story – it’s because of the costumes and architecture!  How people lived and dressed and mingled.  The societal norms of the day and the way they had to navigate their lives.  It’s fascinating to me.  

The navigation of their lives then and how they might do it now is vastly different.  Does that mean that we cancel “pride and prejudice” and remove it from the bookshelves because it might offend some person or group?  We have done this with some Dr. Seuss books!  Cancel culture is starting to censor language.  This is dangerous.  We’ve seen this movie.  Isn’t this a scene in every film about the future?  That never looks like a future I want to be a part of.

But getting back to me getting canceled…did I make an off putting joke at anytime in my life?  I helped my daughter with Indian Princesses back in the day.  Will I now be mis-aligned with the indigenous people of this country?  Have I offended them in some way?  I don’t think that every kid on the AYSO soccer team should get a trophy.  Does that cross the line into child-endangerment and bad parenting?  What did I do in my past that now I may or may not do differently that would put me in danger of being arrested by the cancel police?

And by the way – who appointed this new agency?  I never voted for a person running for the Commissioner of Cancellation?  Is there one person or a whole team?  Who are they?  A group like the Illuminati in one of Dan Brown’s books?  I want to be a part of this group.

Why?  Because the past is our future.  We have lost something called perspective and context.  I know they are big words but look them up.  If a person wore a costume because they were in a play 40 years ago and today that costume would be in bad taste – it doesn’t make them a bad person.  They did not wear that costume everyday in every situation.  In fact – at that time – it was maybe not in bad taste.  Okay – today they might choose a different costume.  Mr. Darcy might be accused today of harassment and degradation of Ms. Elizabeth but at the turn of the century rural England, that was the norm.  Do we burn/cancel the book?

Have we all done or said something over the course of our lifetime that we wish we could take back or do differently? Of course we have.  With social media, now those moments live forever.  We cannot be defined as people by one moment. It’s not the one Instagram post.  It’s the collection of our moments that define us.  Let us practice perspective and context and I will pray to wake up tomorrow and not be canceled because I used to root for the Cleveland Indians…oh my bad…the Cleveland Guardians (really?).